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Ola Design is a manufacturer located in Poland. Our company has been existing  since 1993 and we employ 120 qualified people to ensure a significant responsiveness and a large production capacity.
Since our creation, we have acquired a perfectly mastered know-how by our staff:
  •  The creative workshop has designers, sculptors and a 3D printer which  allow us to realize our clients' projects and to regularly renew our collections.
  • Manufacturing is managed by highly qualified and experienced employees who master the various molding techniques using quality materials (Finnish polyester resin and FIBERGLASS)
  •  Different finishing techniques: spray painting, airbrush, artistic pattern hand-decorated and flocking. We use high quality frost and UV resistant automotive paint.
  •  The order preparation and the packaging stage also follow a rigorous process in order to satisfy  the requirements of our customers.
  •  Logistics and transport are also provided by our employees.